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Propolis, part 7

'Propolis' answers the question:

What if all the insects get together to kill the humans?

  • There are enough spiders that, theoretically, they could eat all of the humans within a year.​

  • Empirical research has provided evidence that insects communicate.

What if they get sick of our trash and poison

and make us extinct FIRST??


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'Propolis, part 7' featured in the following festivals:

- Slamdance, featured in Episodes, World Premiere, Park City UT, 2019
- Raw Science film festival, 2019 Award: Industry Award, Best Series, 2nd place
- Supernova Invitational Competition, 2018. Shown in part as experimental LED display on buildings in downtown Denver
- Under_the_Radar, 2019, Vienna Austria
- The Psychedelic and Transpersonal Film and Music Festival, 2019, New York City
- First Contact Film Festival, 2019, New Jersey
- Far Out Film Fest, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee
- 2019 Cordillera International Film Festival (Award Finalist), Reno-Tahoe, Nevada
- Sick and Wrong Film Festival, 2019, Florida
- James Bond III International Film Festival, 2019, Kentucky
- STUFF MX, 2019, Mexico City
- New Jersey Horror Con, 2019, Atlantic City New Jersey
- New Filmmakers Los Angeles, featured artist, Los Angeles, California, 2019
- Ojai Film Festival, FINALIST, Ojai, California, 2019
- Zed Fest Film Festival, North Hollywood, California, 2019
- ICONA, 2019, Greece
- Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, Tokyo 2019

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