Propolis, part 7

'Propolis' answers the question:

What if all the insects get together to kill the humans?

  • There are enough spiders that, theoretically, they could eat all of the humans within a year.​

  • Empirical research has provided evidence that insects communicate.

What if they get sick of our trash and poison

and make us extinct FIRST??


'Propolis, part 7' featured in the following festivals:

- Slamdance, featured in Episodes, World Premiere, Park City UT, 2019
- Raw Science film festival, 2019 Award: Industry Award, Best Series, 2nd place
- Supernova Invitational Competition, 2018. Shown in part as experimental LED display on buildings in downtown Denver
- Under_the_Radar, 2019, Vienna Austria
- The Psychedelic and Transpersonal Film and Music Festival, 2019, New York City
- First Contact Film Festival, 2019, New Jersey
- Far Out Film Fest, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee
- 2019 Cordillera International Film Festival (Award Finalist), Reno-Tahoe, Nevada
- Sick and Wrong Film Festival, 2019, Florida
- James Bond III International Film Festival, 2019, Kentucky
- STUFF MX, 2019, Mexico City
- New Jersey Horror Con, 2019, Atlantic City New Jersey
- New Filmmakers Los Angeles, featured artist, Los Angeles, California, 2019
- Ojai Film Festival, FINALIST, Ojai, California, 2019
- Zed Fest Film Festival, North Hollywood, California, 2019
- ICONA, 2019, Greece
- Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, Tokyo 2019


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